About Charlotte

My yoga practice was on and off for many years... not really connecting with it's wholeness just focussing on the physical benefits. One summer evening back in 2013, I randomly participated in an Iyengar yoga class and fell in love.... with yoga. The 'light on yoga' went on and yoga got well and truly under my skin, I was hooked. At first, I was just amazed how once I stepped onto the mat I thought of nothing else besides my practice, I found stillness and in that stillness found clarity, peace and connection. Over time, I discovered breathing, breathing with awareness. How had I existed thus far without appreciating breath ... the most precious thing I have? I learned how to feel, explore, trust and to believe in myself - it felt amazing. I had so many questions and an unquenchable thirst to learn more. Yoga reignited my passion for reading and the book stack next to my bed rapidly grew. Early 40s, children now young adults and in a job that I really disliked I started to contemplate the big question .... who am I?

Many books later and a yoga practice that had now ramped up to daily sometimes twice a day, I took the decision to go on a 200hr YTTC. In 2016 I headed off to India to undertake a month's teacher training course specialising in Ashtanga yoga with no expectation and no idea how my journey would unfold. It was the most beautiful experience, a life changer and a time I will never forgot. Above all I discovered how to take what I learn and experience on the mat, off the mat and that yoga is a way of life. I now share my practice and love of yoga with others, with a focus on the breath, mindful movement and alignment. Expect a plethora of sounds, aromas and sensations with space to breathe, transform and get lost in the flow.... and a gorgeous head massage :)

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